Paypal compliance department

Paypal compliance department

Paypal is a money website offering consumers the ability to take online payments for products and services rendered. The website is owned by the eBay Corporation. The company was founded in and currently operates two offices in the United States — California and Nebraska.

With more than million users and nine million payments processed daily in more than currencies, Paypal is one of the leading payment processors in the world. You can contact Paypal headquarters by mail, but no phone number or email contact is listed on the corporate side of the website for Paypal headquarters. We did find the phone number for Paypal headquarters on a third-party website. You can use the contact form after logging in to your account to contact the customer service department.

Request your email be forwarded to the corporate office. PayPal is a joke. Customer service is a joke. Half of them cant even speak english so understanding them is next to impossible. These people hold your money and freeze your account for no valid reason. Im going to dillegently search to find the right government organization to investigate and force these people and company to abide bty the law.

Its sick and wrong whaty PayPal is getting away with. I will post with any updates on any help I can pss on to you others and welcome others to offer the same. Thank you and I wish you all the best in dealing with Satan who is now named PayPal.

PayPal stole my money! I have the same problem with PayPal, they permanently suspended my account for some violation and never told me the violation. I called and they said they cannot give any details of any violations. The customer rep did not know what to say and kept repeating the same BS over and over, but could not give any details.

There must be a place that governs sites like Paypal. I receive my pay from my boss through paypal and everytime the moeny is sent and in my account showing available its not available and I cannot access it.So, how does a business use organic SEO to get one of those coveted spots?

InFreeman launched Bee Raw to sell attractively packaged honey and related gifts online and at specialty food markets and retail stores. You may be dreaming about starting your own business — but what kind? Finding sewing and designing accessories more fulfilling than her Wall Street tech job, Mastrorilli took the leap and turned her hobby into a full-time business. An invoice is a confirmation that a service has been performed or a product was shipped.

People can say that invoices are confirmations or receipts, but let's not kid ourselves: most of my clients invoice their customers because they want to get paid - which is why you have to include payment terms on every invoice.

Tax season. Every small business owner seems to wince, cringe, or flinch at those two words. Some even do all three. But, tax season doesn't have to be painful. Welcome to the Business Resource Center.

PayPal is SCAMMING PEOPLE. Pokemon Community: THIS HAS TO STOP

Learn more. Search the Business Resource Center Submit search. Explore articles by topic. Start your business. Run your business.

Discover PayPal products. Manage your PayPal account. Grow your business. Most-popular articles.Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries.

Upload your resume. Sign in. Review this company. Job Title. Ratings by category. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. Showing all 1, reviews. Manager was remote to my location and not supportive in the way he would back you or promote your views. Micro managed people and lack of good management skills. Worked with some great people within my department as well as other departments.

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Compliance Paypal jobs

Share Tweet. Copy link. I believe that this place provides the right work - life balance.

paypal compliance department

There can be times when the work may seem stressful but management always makes it clear to give ourselves time to enjoy our time outside of the office. Average paying company No work-life balance No growth Lay-off happens once in every year Very difficult to work with external teams Management don't recognize the hard work of talented employees. Multiple games in the break room including pool table, electronic games. This is a fun place to work, their view of work ethic is work hard play hard.

A good example of this is make sure you come to work on time and keep focused while your on the phone. The people you work with makes the work day go by quicker. PayPal has been a great employer in my tenure there. The hardest part of the job when they announce the closure of Malaysia site in early It has indeed been a memorable journey for me in the last 3 and half years there.

Your experience matters. Help out others considering your employer. Rate your employer. CEO is great. Marketing department constant re-orgs and bad leadership. The marketing department staffed with too many Senior people that talk about what needs to be done versus proactive people that get work done.Forums New posts Search forums.

What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors. Company Contacts. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. PayPal Account Compliance Nightmare. Hi Guest, welcome to the help forum. You can get fast answers to your customer service questions here.

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Jul 28, 3 5 1 Back inI volunteered to work at an orphanage in Kenya. I'm employed full time as a federal law enforcement agent. When I got to the orphanage, out in the countryside northeast of Nairobi, I immediately noticed the conditions the children were living in. Most of the were wearing rags and food was scarce.That way, you have different people and different departments working on your problem Plus, it is impossible for PayPal to claim later that they did not get your letter.

If you send PayPal four or five letters -- are they going to claim they did not get even one? Then fax the information again the next day. Be sure to get proof of your faxes.

If you file a complaint later against PayPal, they cannot claim they never got your faxes. Tip: If you call PayPal, and you don't like the answer you got, call them right back again. Different PayPal employees will give you different answers and solutions to the same problem. If one PayPal employee doesn't help you out, the next one might.

The customer service representative must transfer your call at that point. Tip: Unless provoked first, always be respectful and polite on the phone with PayPal. You have a better chance of getting helped if the PayPal employee likes you and sees you are respectful. It might be hard to do, but you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar! Tip: When making a complaint, make sure you tell PayPal how you would like the issue resolved!

Many people complain about their problem, then fail to give PayPal a solution to the problem. Offering PayPal "an out" will increase your chances of getting your problem solved. Don't threaten to sue them unless you will. Do the work, then write to PayPal about your problem. PayPal had to be sued in just to have them put their telephone number in a place where most persons could find it.

Previously, PayPal had their toll free number buried so deep in their website, people had to actually navigate through several pages and questionaires just to be able to reach the page with the phone number in it. The irony was, if a person was even able to reach a PayPal customer support represenative via the number, that person did not have the authority to even help any PayPal users with serious issues -- the customer service representative could only read from a script and then promise to forward the case to "higher ups.

It'sand it's harder than ever to get in touch with PayPal. PayPal's basic customer service number is STILL hard to find on their website and to discourage people from contacting them, PayPal only lists a phone number that is NOT a toll free number and costs customers money to call.

This "customer service" number is buried on the last page of their Terms of Service Agreement.

paypal compliance department

However, PayPal strongly advises its users to contact them via Email. It is one more delay they can use in order to NOT help you solve your problem. First, how many of you have contacted PayPal's normal "customer service" email address only to get a reply back that is "canned" and has nothing to do with your problem? Second, PayPal has written in Securities and Exchange filings that, " Profits over the customers that help make those profits? When you send PayPal an email, it goes straight to New Delhi, India where outsourced, low quality, trained robots answer your questions with pre-prepared replies and vague "straight from the book" recommendations.

And why not? It's cheaper! PayPal or eBay account frozen? Need a new account or multiple accounts? Thanks to your friends at Screw-PayPal. The "normal" customer service number or "normal" customer service email won't get you anywhereYou are viewing the PayPal Community Archives. This content may be old or outdated. Leave the Archive. Learn more in Community Events.

I started an online web design business with a friend and when we signed up for Paypal we didn't have an EIN or official business documents yet. We created the Paypal business account using our company name for the first and last name of the account. We didn't think anything of it and the account looked fine and usable. We invoiced a customer to be paid for work we completed. Then when we went to transfer the funds out of the account, we realized we had limitations on our account.

Come to find out, we have to have a personal name in addition to the business name on the account. Fine, no problem. We initiated this change and sent all documentation that was requested by Paypal.

About PayPal's Global Investigations Team

We have yet to hear from anyone and we have money frozen in our account. To make things worse, we thought this might take a while so we tried to refund the payments that were made to us since that functionality wasn't limited.

Well apparently, that created a new problem. The refund processed as an E-Check out of one of our personal bank accounts instead of the Paypal balance. I had to close my personal bank account of 15 years to try to stop this ACH transfer. When I try to close the dispute and refund the payment, it won't let me refund from the paypal balance, it is only giving another E-Check option.

I called about a dozen times and no one will talk to me because the name change hasn't been processed. I don't know how this company can get away with this. No one answers emails either.

paypal compliance department

Very frustrating. I can't figure out why their sign up process allowed a business to sign up without a name, but then completely limit your functionality with the account after the fact? Anyone have any advice before I goto small claims court to get my money back? Unfortunately, there is no way to get in contact with the compliance department. I am in the same boat as well.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Information Security Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for information security professionals. It only takes a minute to sign up. What does that mean? Do I need it or don't I? If I do, what version do I need? SAQ A? Please help, I'm very confused and not sure whether I need to put the work into becoming compliant or not.

If a customer goes to your web site, puts stuff in their cart, and then clicks "I want to pay for this stuff" and gets redirected somehow to a payment page hosted by someone else, you still have PCI compliance obligations.

Accept credit cards with our PCI-Compliant solution

If tokenization is in use and a web redirection is used to transmit payment data through their servers, then you can drop down to SAQ-A EP or SAQ-A, depending on which type of redirection is used.

You need to become compliant. In the case of SAQ-A, that's pretty simple. To find out which level of compliant you need to be, you work with your processor - which in this case would be PayPal.

Tell your sales contact you want to understand what your PCI obligations will be and ask if you can talk to someone in their Compliance department about understanding which SAQ you'll fall under and what the process is for submitting it to them. So by PayPal's wording there, you don't need to do anything if you are not handling cardholder data must include at least the PAN -- Primary Account Number -- for a card.

In the first instance, fines for non-compliance are levied on payment providers and large merchants, so if PayPal was in line for a huge fine, they would have been ensuring every merchant using their services would be filling out their self-assessment questionnaire SAQsince PayPal would be responsible for ensuring that inputs into their systems are also compliant.

Even the simplest SAQ-A self-assessment would be beyond most sole traders to reliably complete themselves, just because it has too many technical considerations that they would have no idea about. However, SAQ-A-EP is covering the situation where the merchant site simultaneously provides css or javascript to maintain consistency of presentation between the merchant and provider sites, so the diagram may be just indicating that, but not unambiguously.

Generally, I find the PCI documentation rather obtuse and an over-reach since they continually refer to cardholder data as their principal criteria, but seem to want to control every system that feeds into their process, regardless of whether the PAN is included or not. Providing the information means that your personal details, and the detailed configuration of your systems, is being provided to one or more third parties, whose own systems and processes you are expected to trust.

The PCI documentation refers to the situation even if you don't store cardholder databut don't separately explicitly cover the situation where your systems do not handle any cardholder data, that is, don't even collect or transmit it. Note that data only becomes cardholder data when it includes the PAN, otherwise it is just customer data that you might hold regardless of whether you took credit card payments, and while having good data handling security of that customer data is good, it should be none of the card companies' business if it does not include the PAN.

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